MiMaii gives New Zealand businesses unprecedented access to the lucrative Chinese market. We are incredibly proud of the service we offer and know that you’re in the best of hands when you work with MiMaii.

The Complete Package

Establishing and growing your business in China is a technical, confusing and risky process that most Kiwi businesses can’t afford to take.

We take the risk out of the equation and provide you with all the resources and answers you need to successfully launch your business in China.

We help Kiwi businesses successfully extend their businesses to China. We take care of the nuts and bolts and ensure businesses owners maintain full control of their products with a low-risk and complete end-to-end service.

From start to finish, A to Z, Auckland to Beijing, we’re with you every step of the way.

MiMaii offers a complete end-to-end service. From the ground in New Zealand all the way to the Chinese market, we’re by your side every step of the way.

Local to Local

One of the more significant challenges Kiwi businesses face when looking to establish themselves in China is the language and social differences between New Zealand and China. We help you overcome this by having people on the ground in New Zealand and China, ready to support your business and help you grow.

Our New Zealand team will come to you, take you through the entire process, and help you develop a strategy to launch in China. Then our dedicated team in China will take care of the rest.

Low Risk

Another barrier to doing business in China is the cost. Without the proper support, Kiwi businesses risk having to pay significant amounts in shipping costs and other fees, as well as potentially risking the loss of all their stock. Without MiMaii, you essentially hand control of your business and products to someone in China that you do not know, with no assurance of them getting the job done.

You don’t pay a cent until you start making money, so what do you have to lose?

With MiMaii you maintain control of your business and products all the way into China. Our dedicated Chinese team essentially works for you, meaning you’re still in control and have the ultimate say. We’re also able to best utilise the free trade agreement between New Zealand and China, meaning all complicated logistical details are taken care of.


Namekiwi is the only website in China that showcases premium New Zealand products for high profile consumers in China. Businesses in New Zealand already have a reputation of providing high-end and quality products, and Chinese consumers are constantly exploring opportunities to get their hands on what local New Zealand businesses have to offer.

Namekiwi allows you to sell your products online directly to Chinese consumers. It’s exclusive to MiMaii’s customers, so you know your products aren’t going to get lost under a sea of competitors. Your business will have its own branded area on the Namekiwi site that allows you to sell your products directly to Chinese consumers and increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

““NameKiwi” is a clever play on Chinese pronunciation, which means “So Kiwi”. The word “Name” is pronounced “Na” “Muh” and means “So”. Add them together, and you get “So Kiwi”, which means premium Kiwi products.

NameKiwi 津ICP备18008144号

The Namekiwi website also offers a range of other benefits, including social media integration, product support and personalised messages for each of your customers.


Finding the right store, let along any store, to stock and sell your products in China is another significant challenge. MiMaii provides a unique B2B channel that provides our customers with even greater access to Chinese consumers.

MiMaii offers bulk sales of your products to brick and mortar stores throughout China, including major supermarkets, department stores and specialty stores. This puts your products directly in front of your target market and allows them to see and feel your products before purchasing.

MaiPay eWallet

eWallets have transformed point-of-sale transactions in China and other parts of the world, and the MaiPay eWallet allows your Chinese customers to shop and pay for your products in the most efficient and risk-free way possible.

We enable local Merchants to offers Chinese Tourist to have a similar shopping and payment experience like that at home in China while they are shopping overseas. They will have the option of using the same WeChat Pay convenience as if they are in China. They will pay in Chinese Yuan. The local merchants in NZ will receive their sale of goods and services in their local NZD currency.

Exclusively available to MiMaii’s customers, the MaiPay eWallet allows your Chinese customers to use their existing payment methods, WeChat and Alipay while shopping online, meaning your customers pay in Chinese Yuan while you receive their payment in NZ Dollars.

MaiPay Registered Financial Services Provider FSP 605289 and Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme